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ďThe ability to obtain meaning from print depends so strongly on sight word masteryĒ

National Research Council

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It is our mission to help more kids learn to read, and sometimes that means sharing our patent pending method with those who cannot afford to pay for it right now.†

All we ask in return is that you register with us to use these instructions for your own use only and that you agree not to share this material with or distribute it to others.†† Instead you can direct people to this page to register to receive this material for themselves directly from WordsUp Learning.

We will stay in touch with you and send an occasional message about our products and how they are helping more kids learn to read.† We will also send you, at a later date, our list of the most common high frequency words to use with your do-it-yourself game.†

So be sure to give us an email address that you use regularly.† And when your budget improves please come back and buy the game that suits your needs.

Fill out and submit the form below to register and receive our detailed game instructions.†

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