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Way More than a Game

It’s a Learning System

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“The ability to obtain meaning from print depends so strongly on sight word mastery”

National Research Council

Text Box: The WordsUp! Learning System was designed for parents and teachers who are searching for a better tool to help children learn to read fluently.   WordsUp! is a board game that turns sight word learning into the fun of a competitive game of chance.  It’s designed for kids of all learning styles to sharpen sight word reading fluency — a vital building block of strong reading skills.
WordsUp! provides children with an entertaining way to master high frequency word recognition and build reading fluency.   This system works with phonics-based and whole language reading programs because it addresses a common key element of all reading programs — sight word recognition.  When WordsUp! is used to supplement a well-balanced elementary school reading program, struggling readers are well positioned for success.   The beauty of this system is that it is based on conventional reading curricula and integrates easily into your child’s daily schooling.   WordsUp! can be used successfully at home or in school in sessions as short as 10 to 15 minutes.   And it is easily customized to the needs and reading level of any student.
WordsUp! is way more than a game.  It is a portable learning system that can be played alone and in groups, and whose learning material can be individually personalized whether playing alone or in a multiplayer game.   Personalization can be done by content type, level of difficulty and theme even within the same game.  Unlike other games WordsUp! allows children of significantly different reading levels to successfully play and learn together--leveraging the proven benefits of paired learning.   Kinesthetic, auditory and visual learners stay engaged in learning longer with this competitive game of chance that truly anyone can win.    This is why WordsUp! is way more than a game!
WordsUp! is needed because all children simply do not learn at the same pace.  In fact, children acquire language at tremendously variable rates during the first 4 years of life.  This means that some kids are able to readily absorb reading instruction at school while others are not.  It is for these students, an estimated 40% of children, who are not as ready as others and need extra help that we created the WordsUp! Learning System.   We are committed to helping struggling readers get off to a stronger start.   Through our specially designed and curriculum-based board game these students build reading fluency, comprehension and confidence.     These benefits are derived from WordsUp!’s focus on building reading fluency through word recognition mastery.
“We must target prevention efforts to the children who we know will need them the most.  We must do this as early as possible—before children fail in school, before they are labeled, and before costly remediation is necessary”
Starting out Right: A Guide to Promoting Children’s Reading Success By the National Research Council

The WordsUp! Learning System works because it develops automaticity in sight word recognition.   The ability to obtain meaning from print depends heavily on the development of accuracy and fluency in word recognition. Strangely, many commercial reading programs neglect certain aspects of specific reading instruction and it is evident from National Research Council publications that sight word recognition is one of these neglected areas.  Many children need a lot of repetition and practice in order for their emerging skills to become automatic.   These insights are at the heart of the WordsUp! Learning System which motivates students to learn using a competitive game of chance that builds repetition and practice into its game play.
The cost to provide a struggling student with supplemental reading instruction can be considerable.  For less than the cost of one hour of professional tutoring your child can reap the benefits of the WordsUp! Learning System every day.
Text Box: Way More Than a Game
It ’s a Personalized Learning System.
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