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“The ability to obtain meaning from print depends so strongly on sight word mastery”

National Research Council

Text Box: Although becoming literate is a lengthy process, first grade is a most important year.  First graders enter school expecting to learn how to read on their own.  Their parents and teachers expect this as well.  This puts many students in an emotionally vulnerable position since some kids enter first grade reading on a third grade level, whereas others are not able to reliably recognize all the letters of the alphabet.   
With oral reading an integral part of reading curricula and employed in most every other subject, a lagging reader is forced to display his deficiency in the classroom every day.   By second grade many children are insecure and self-conscious about their reading skills and the situation only worsens for them with every day that passes.  This risk is not limited to “special needs” children —many “future good readers” need some extra support in the first few years.  This is why reading intervention must be done immediately upon identifying a struggling reader.   By the middle of first grade, teachers usually have good insights into children’s reading skills and relative reading performance.  However, teachers need the involvement and support of parents to successfully help a struggling child.  
The WordsUp! Learning System was created for use in the classroom and at home.   It focuses on a key element of reading fluency—automatic (meaning immediate) word recognition.    Classroom teachers use WordsUp! games as “take home” items, much as a library allows students to check-out books.    Parents can easily assist developing readers in their efforts in the convenience of their homes.   Better still, students, who may be hesitant to reveal their lack of reading mastery in school, can practice in the security of their own homes.
Text Box: Why Early Reading Intervention Matters
Text Box: Reading intervention, 
for young readers who are having problems, 
is best provided during their first year of reading instruction.

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