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ďThe ability to obtain meaning from print depends so strongly on sight word masteryĒ

National Research Council

Text Box: Specialists, like teachers, need an array of techniques to meet the specialized reading needs of their students.  WordsUp! is a board game that turns sight word learning into the fun of a competitive game of chance.  It is specifically designed to build sight word mastery.  It is designed for kids of all learning styles to sharpen sight word reading fluency.  Kinesthetic, auditory and visual learners all benefit from the gameís multisensory design and engaging interaction.  Through our game children build reading fluency, comprehension and confidence in these critical first years of school.
WordsUp is easy to use at home and a great way to reinforce material introduced in the classroom. It requires no special training and the kids quickly learn to play.  Best of all, WordsUp! is fun.  It can be played solo and in pairs to enhance the learning experience.   Specialists can use WordsUp as a practice tool specifically customized to a childís individual needs and the material being taught.  Using WordsUp! as a complement to existing methods will reinforce learning and speed skill development making both the student and the teacher more successful in the classroom.   With the WordsUp! Learning System specialists, teachers and parents can work together to address the unique reading needs of each child specifically, effectively and sensitively.   WordsUp! effectively supplements many of todayís reading programs that incorporate activities to build comprehension but may not include sufficient instruction in reading fluency and sight word reading mastery.

Give your child the thrill

of reading success and

take the stress out of learning!†

Text Box: WordsUp! is a Tutor in Your Pocket.
Text Box: First Grade is a most important year for learning to read. 
Text Box: Research shows that tutoring can help struggling readers.

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