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“The ability to obtain meaning from print depends so strongly on sight word mastery”

National Research Council

Text Box: WordsUp! develops word recognition mastery—a key element of strong reading skills
Kids like to play the game so they stay engaged longer and learn more
Teachers can easily adapt the reading level for each student, individually
Integrates easily into existing reading programs and targets a critical reading building block
WordsUp! is a multi-sensory game that engages kinesthetic, auditory and visual learners
Text Box: WordsUp! is one of only a few sight word specific activities available to teachers.*
Text Box: WordsUp! is easy to learn
It is a game that leverages the benefits of paired reading.  Teachers can safely, easily and confidently pair struggling readers with average or even advanced readers in a game of WordsUp! without fear of frustrating or disheartening the struggling readers.
WordsUp! is a reading activity that can engage all students simultaneously and still allow the teacher the freedom to roam the classroom to help those in immediate need
WordsUp! avoids any need to create reading level groups that can discourage developing readers
Unlike alternative games such as word bingo, WordsUp! requires no direct teacher involvement once the children learn how to play
WordsUp! is very affordable
It also helps that kids want to play WordsUp!†

*Of 13 first grader activities highlighted in a respected research summary, not one was specifically structured to develop word recognition fluency or mastery of sight words.
†For example, in one public school second grade classroom, the teacher has three game boxes that can be brought home for a few days.  She hands them out to kids as a reward for good work and she says they are in great demand.   For another example, in an independent school first grade, students specifically sought out the WordsUp! game during activity time.
Text Box: More Reasons Teachers Like WordsUp! 
Text Box: Teachers Like WordsUp! for Educational Reasons         (more reasons)
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