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“The ability to obtain meaning from print depends so strongly on sight word mastery”

National Research Council

Have your child read aloud down each column starting with the one at the far left.   Continue reading aloud the next column to the right until your child misreads three to five words consecutively,.  When this happens then stop the assessment.

A                       to                      was                    how                    size                    split                   abuse                 contemporary

B                       see                     city                    deep                   board                 huge                   residence            theory

O                       cat                     eat                     spell                   felt                    plot                    quarantine           threshold

P                        milk                    him                    between              chin                    quality                contagious           participate

E                        red                     animal                 weather              tray                   escape                glutton               ethics

R                       tree                   letter                 lip                      approve               urge                   exhaust              desolate

T                       big                     then                   block                  cliff                   collapse              imply                  eliminate

H                       book                   himself               awake                 stalk                   grieve                 image                 triumph

(8)                     (16)                    (24)                    (32)                    (40)                    (48)                    (56)                    (64)


(For higher reading levels and more advanced words click here )

Interpreting the Results—Note the last word read correctly before consecutively misreading those five words.   Determine the number of the last correctly read word by adding its place number in the column to the number at the bottom of the previous column.     If, for example, “plot” is the last correctly read word, then its place in that column is 3, which is added to 40 for a total of 43.  This number translates to a reading level of 4.3 or 4th grade and third month reading level.  This test is not used for reading comprehension, vocabulary knowledge or spelling, it is simply a decoding exercise to determine a student’s reading level.

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