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“The ability to obtain meaning from print depends so strongly on sight word mastery”

National Research Council

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Reading Skills Assessment— Grade and Intra-Grade Reading Levels. Identify your reader’s proficiency with these easy to use but hard to find methods for assessing a reader’s reading progress.
Reading Milestones by Grade— Detailed Behaviors to Watch for and develop.  This is a detailed guide to help you track your learners progress.  These milestones are endorsed by the National Research Council, so you can rely on them. 
Enhanced Sight Word Lists— 100’s of “Must Know” Words by Grade plus additional common nouns found in early reader materials.   
High Frequency Word Lists — 1000’s of “Should Know” Words by Grade.  Fluent readers are able to instantly recognize and read thousands of words which is necessary for strong reading comprehension. 
Leveled Book Database— Grade Level Book Recommendations chosen from WordsUp!’s industry leading database of over 9000 Titles.  This list includes books from the classics to Scholastic, McGraw-Hill and Open Court published titles.   Best of all, these books are recommended by schools and libraries, so you know they are appropriate for your children.  
List of Definitions— Confusing Words Often Used in Reading Instruction
Research Roadmap— The Best Information Resources We Know plus the best ones that you have shared with us, too. 

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