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“The ability to obtain meaning from print depends so strongly on sight word mastery”

National Research Council


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Text Box: For many kids, who are often very bright, the classroom is a “fishbowl” that magnifies their reading struggles.    The WordsUp! Learning System was also created to help these promising kids avoid the anxiety and embarrassment felt when lagging behind their peers in reading skills.  These kids – aware of and self-conscious about their reading struggles --are particularly susceptible to feelings of inadequacy.   For them, school is a daily battle to keep their reading skills a secret.  This is not easy to do when oral and independent reading is required for every subject.   WordsUp! builds the word recognition mastery needed to achieve grade level reading fluency and bring that bounce back into a child’s step.  
Text Box: At Least 20% of Students Require 
Extra Reading Instruction

Play WordsUp!

and take the stress out of learning!

Text Box: WordsUp! is a board game that turns sight word learning into the fun of a competitive game of chance.  Its multisensory design helps kinesthetic, auditory and visual learners of all reading levels strengthen their sight word reading knowledge and fluency— vital building blocks for reading success.  Unlike other games WordsUp! allows children of significantly different reading levels to successfully play and learn together—supporting a uniquely inclusive learning environment.

Give your student the thrill of reading success and take the stress out of learning! 

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Text Box: Angela Stevenson

Principal, Los Medanos Elementary School

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