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“The ability to obtain meaning from print depends so strongly on sight word mastery”

National Research Council

Text Box: Parents cannot afford to wait for teachers to share their concerns.  A child’s “reading self-esteem” is simply too important to leave to someone else’s timetable.   WordsUp! Learning is committed to helping parents help themselves.     Discover your child’s reading level and relative peer performance with these simple tools.
Quick and Easy Method — Look at the books your child likes to read multiple times.   If she has several favorite books you can look at each of them and see what level is read most frequently.  Many early reader books have reading level codes printed on the outside cover and could look like this— RL 2.5— which indicates a mid-year Second Grade reading level.
Popular Tool — The San Diego Quick Reading Assessment identifies a child’s independent reading level, as well as his instructional and frustration reading levels.   Click one of the links below to follow this approach.
Text Box: Parents are vital to protecting their child’s reading confidence.
Text Box: Reading Skills Assessment Tools

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Text Box: Similar Tool — This assessment attempts to pinpoint a child’s reading level to the year and month.   I do not recommend using this method in isolation but it is a tool that provides another data point for interpretation.  Click the link below to assess the reading level of any child from pre-school to college using this method.









Supplemental Reading Assessment Tool

Pre-Primer     Primer     1st Grade     2nd Grade     3rd Grade     4th Grade     5th Grade and Later