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ďThe ability to obtain meaning from print depends so strongly on sight word masteryĒ

National Research Council

Text Box: A Personal Story
by a Parent of a Third Grade Boy

My son is a bright little boy with a specific learning disability.   Although he is smart, in some areas much smarter than his peers, he is hampered by an inability to process information quickly.  Our biggest goal is to keep him positive about learning and school until he can build the foundation he needs both emotionally and academically to succeed.   Let me tell you how WordsUp! helped us do this.  

My son is sensitive to his struggles to learn reading and math.  To  help him learn he works with a tutor once a week and at home he practices his reading and plays WordsUp! to build his reading and math fluency.   This three-pronged strategy has worked well for us as he is now performing at and in some areas above his grade level.  But because he struggles, it is always a challenge to keep his skills fresh.  

Over summer break last year we took several trips that got us out of our practice routine.   We had missed several tutor sessions and had not played WordsUp! for many weeks.  During a lull one afternoon while visiting Grandma, I pulled out our WordsUp! game box and started to use it as a flashcard study tool for the multiplication tables (it can be used for a variety of material that requires memorization.)  Several weeks prior, at the end of the school year, my son had a good command of the times tables but on this day he was stumped even by the simpler equations.   Very quickly he became frustrated, threw his game box on the floor and started sobbing that he was stupid.   My heart brokeó we had worked so hard to keep his attitude positive.  My mind whirled, looking for a way to calm him.   I encouraged him to play the game with me instead of using it as a study tool.   He was quite upset but agreed to play instead.   Fifteen minutes later he was beaming, a smile from ear to ear, as his final roll of the dice ensured his victory.   He bounced out of his chair and ran to tell his Mother that he just beat Dad, again!  

I sat back in my chair and smiled with relief.  What a difference!  A game of WordsUp! had just turned my frustrated and defeated boy, into an energized kid who wanted to play me againó but not before he went to his Mom to brag about his victory!      I appreciate that WordsUp! can be used as a study tool and is effective this way.  But in my personal opinion, itís unique power is as a game that exposes my child to learning in a way that energizes and engages him and keeps him coming back for more.  

Parent of a Third Grade Boy
(name withheld for privacy)

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