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“The ability to obtain meaning from print depends so strongly on sight word mastery”

National Research Council

Have your child read aloud down each column starting with the one at the far left.   Be sure to note the number of reading errors made in a column.   If two or fewer reading errors are made in a column, then read the next column to the right and continue to the next grade level, if necessary, until your child commits three or more reading errors in a column, then stop the assessment.

decided              scanty                bridge                amber                 capacious            conscientious       zany                   galore

served                business              commercial          dominion             limitation            isolation              jerkin                 rotunda

amazed               develop               abolish                sundry                pretext              molecule             nausea                capitalism

silent                  considered          trucker               capillary              intrigue              ritual                  gratuitous           amnesty

wrecked              discussed            apparatus            impetuous           delusion              momentous          linear                  risible

improved             behaved              elementary          blight                 immaculate          vulnerable           inept                  exonerate

certainly             splendid              comment             wrest                 ascent                kinship                legality               superannuate

centered             acquainted          necessity            enumerate           acrid                  conservatism       aspen                  luxuriate

realized              escaped              gallery                daunted              binocular             jaunty                 amnesty              piebald

interrupted         grim                   relativity            condescend         embankment        inventive             barometer           crunch


Interpreting the Results—Note in which columns your child made 1, 2 and 3 reading errors.  One error indicates the child’s independent reading level, while two errors indicate the child’s instructional level, and three errors indicate the child’s frustration level.  On this page the second column represents grade level reading, the third column is one grade above grade level and the fourth column is two grades above grade level.    If, for example, the child makes one reading error in column two, two in column three and three in column four then her independent reading level is at grade level (column two), her instructional level is one grade higher, and her frustration level is two grades higher.   These reading levels are defined on the definitions page.


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