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Way more than a Game

It�s a Fun and Effective Reading Tool!

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Text Box: Teachers� ChoiceSM Award Evaluations:   �I think it is great!�   �I would recommend WordsUp! to parents.� 	 See more�
Text Box: Our adaptable learning system is disguised as an engaging game of chance that keeps kids interested in learning.  Not another generic bingo, flashcard or worksheet game that teaches the same material to each kid the same way.  WordsUp! can address one child�s or a whole classroom of students� different needs individually, so personalized learning happens in each session.   And unlike many other games classroom learning is easily reinforced at home with our portable system.

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Text Box: Builds Reading Confidence and Speed
Improves Vital Sight Words Reading Fluency
Targets a Child�s Reading Levels and Needs
Text Box: WordsUp! Sight Words Reading Games
Makes Learning to Read Fun

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My daughter uses this game several times a week and has become quite attached to it �3rd Grade Parent

Our Kindergartener played with older siblings and now reads two grades above grade level �Elementary School Parent
Text Box: We have three of the games in our classroom and loan them out like a library book.  Kids line up to take one home! �Elementary School Teacher
Text Box: I am attracted to the flexibility and adaptability of this learning system �   K-8 School Principal

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